Travel for the whole Family

Reisen für Familien
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Reisen für Familien

Get out of everyday family life and into your vacation! Try something totally new and get to know a new side of your family during our diverse programs, including sports & activities, nature & adventure, and fantasy & games. For example, hunt for beaver tracks by the Rur River, dive in the lake by the city Xanten, or get creative in the “Outdoor-Atelier.” New: Exciting weekend programs for short family getaways.

Program overview
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Sport & Erlebnis

Sailing and diving, or would you rather climb rocks? Your choice! We have something for every day, including a day of relaxing!

  • Sailing lessons “Dinghy or Optimist” at Youth Hostel Xanten
  • Family diving lessons and a chance to get eye-to-eye with local freshwater fish, including eel, perch, and pike at Youth Hostel Xanten
  • “Family like a Rock” – a weekend of rock climbing at Youth Hostel Nideggen
  • Weekend wellness packages at Youth Hostel Wiehl called “Wiehler-Wellness-World” – now offering weekends for mothers and daughters
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Nature & Adventure

You’re guaranteed plenty of fresh air, action, and unique experiences:

  • Pure adventure in the Eifel mountain range with “Eifel-Experience-Mix” by Youth Hostel Hellenthal
  • “Adventure Academy,” offered by Youth Hostel Simmerath-Rurberg, offers nature and excitement
  • Spend a weekend in the footsteps of the beaver, Europe’s largest rodent, at “Beaver Alarm” by Youth Hostel Nideggen
  • Hiking or Circus – or both? “Hiking Circus” is offered by Youth Hostel Bad Münstereifel and gives everyone a chance to do exactly what they want
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Fantasy & Games

The whole family can express their imagination, creativity, and ideas:

  • “Open Arena: We do Circus!” a program by Youth Hostel Nettetal-Hinsbeck for boundless artistry
  • Halloween has a local sister custom called “Walpurgisnacht.” Youth Hostel Bad Münstereifel puts both together for “Walloween,” a weekend of enjoyable goosebumps
  • “Nature Art,” a creative weekend program in an outdoor studio at Youth Hostel Bonn
  • Families cook together for a whole weekend during “Family Cooking Arena” at the Youth Hostel Bad Honnef
  • The “Eifel Space Center” at Youth Hostel Bad Münstereifel offers great weekend fun together for fathers and their kids
  • You’ll find “Safari Adventurer” offered by Youth Hosel Morsbach and includes “Ludwig, the Lion”
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